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Reading 08/09/2009

    • Keep variety. Don’t use an Engage Tab screen for every other page. Mix it up.
    • Intersperse questions throughout the content. Formative questions break the content up with momentary pauses for reflection and to reinforce the learning process.
    • Use Engage Labeled graphics as question pages. “Which of these widgets would you use to paint a monkey?” There’s no penalty for a wrong answer. Let the learner explore.
    • Spice it up with scenarios. This is true for any tool. Keep it interesting with a story. Compel the learner to want to find out what comes next.
    • Use interesting images. I’m lucky to have some graphic artists on my team who know how to turn a page into something quite lovely! That doesn’t hurt.

In the company that I work for, we also use Articulate tools to develop the courses for the clients. Through reading Cammy Bean’s post, I found out the variety of Articulate for using this tool. Speaking of myself, instead of just inserting the graphics, I am used to designing short Flash animation or video in Quizmaker and Engage to help visualize the problems happened in the real situations. I have been using Articulate for a short while, and I agree that this is a rapid and useful tool for designing and developing courses. I also consider it as a critical thing that we need to add more variety to the way that we use it and do the best instructional design to present the content.

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Reading 08/08/2009

Although I will not be able to attend the live meetings, I still can gain the information and discussion result from their archives in the following website:
I hope that I can gain more insights into social media and the trend and the application of learning.

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    Reading 08/07/2009

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      • The process of playing around and thinking about different ways to approach the course will ultimately help you come up with some pretty cool ideas.
      • Magazine Cover:
      1. Regardless of that article’s intent, they did a great job getting me interested in exploring more of the article.  In fact this is a common approach for magazine covers.  We could learn from that.  Why couldn’t you design your elearning course to have a similar look and feel?
      2. What you do is break all of your content into chunks.  Then design your course to look more like a magazine cover with enticing headlines.  The learner clicks a title and it takes them to that chunk of information.
      • Find a Cure
      • Panel Discussion
      1. Why not create your course as if it were a mock panel discussion with “experts.”  You can use the experts to share your course content and also deal with objections or potential issues.  Or instead of a panel discussion, make it look like a news talk show.
      2. Create a moderator and some characters.  The moderate moves the content along by asking questions.  And then you share the course content via the characters as they debate the subject.
      3. One of the characters could be a foil who throws a wrench in the conversation.  It’s a good way to deal with the objections learners might have to some of the information.  If you have the time, break out your video camera and use video clips instead of clip art or stock images.

    Tom’s three suggestions stir me to think of more dynamic and appealing ideas for my current project. So far, our team have been working on a skin project for a cosmetics corporate. The company focuses on not only marketing their product, but also customers’ concept for daily skin protection. We have got our client’s feedback and multimedia designers’ modifying for visual effect; then, I need to go through the content to edit the words to have them presented in a concise way. The problem exactly happens on the several pages at the beginning of the course. Therefore, I think that using an eye-catching headline or topic with simple texts would be a good match in my case.

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    Reading 08/03/2009

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