Reading 11/16/2009

By reading these two posts, although they are short and simple, Connie did a good job to give us an idea of how to make test questions correctly to achieve the instructional purposes. When it speaks of my experiences of studying instructional technology, since the program is very practice-oriented, I learned less concept of statisitcs than other Master students did, not to mention tests’ validity and reliability. These posts indeed give me some tips.

Sometimes, I overlooked the learning objectives and don’t go back to check the actions and knowledge items that the learners have to acquire from the course. With the instructions in these posts to ensure that the tests are valid and reliable, I understand how to make questions for the final assessment of the course. Honestly, in my current job, this part is easily neglected. My PM and client usually just pay more attention to the course content, but for the test/quiz part, they care about if the learners could pass. At this point, where is the validity and reliability? It is so ironic.


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